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We partner with artisans, collaborating to renew materials together and showcasing their craft in co-branded products created along REVISION GOODS' product principles and aesthetics. 

If you create with upcycled materials or are looking to use more sustainable methods or components in your work, we'd love to partner with you. Together we can grow the reuse economy and lighten the load on our planet. Contact us


Person sitting at a table, knitting a white sweater

Production Partners

We also partner with Open Arms, an Austin-based cut-and-sew studio and a division of the Multicultural Refugee Coalition that provides living wage employment to Central Texas refugees, to help with some of the production of our products.


Material Suppliers

We source premium materials for renewal from local reuse organizations like Austin Creative Reuse, as well as interior design and architecture firms looking for more sustainable next lives for their fabric/wood/tile/other samples, and garment and textile manufacturers.

If you want to extend the life of your surplus premium materials or samples, contact us. We want to give them a second life and work with you to make our economies more sustainable. 


LimeLoop's reusable and returnable shipping packaging on the floor by a front door, next to a few cardboard shipping boxes.

Logistics Partners

REVISION GOODS strives to include circularity as much as possible in every part of our business. One way is to eliminate single-use shipping packaging. We've partnered with LimeLoop to ship our products in their reusable and returnable shipping pouches, which can be used more than 200 times and equates to 92% emissions reduction! Learn more here.
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